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25-Jun-2017 19:21

The posts and engagement on their are really exciting, inspiring, and positive. Happy Summer Y’all – Andy & the That’s Not Cool Team Hello That’s Not Cool Ambassadors!

We hope Spring has finally arrived wherever you are! So far we have had over 600 folks download the app, but we need more.

Jot down the lyrics or scenes you thought totally crossed the line. Share them on our social media channels, in the Ambassador Facebook group, or email them to thatsnotcool@

THE PLAN: Once we receive all your suggestions, we’ll pick one to feature next month.

Researchers have found that a large amount of today’s pop culture glorifies dating abuse, promotes rape culture, and depicts women as sexual objects, and some studies have found that this can cause young people to be more accepting of dating abuse in their own lives. Use this month to give a shout-out to your fave movie that featured an adorable, healthy couple, or to call out a T. show for making abuse seem normal or even desirable.

Happy binge-watching, Sally & the That’s Not Cool Team Hey Ambassadors!

And sometimes, it can influence us in a pretty harmful way. You can also send it to us and we can post it for you.

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Hope your summer is going wonderfully and that you are taking the time to enjoy yourself and practice some self-care. It has to do with Respect Effect, our app that is all about challenging ourselves to have healthy relationships. This July, we thought we’d add a little spice to your summer vacation and have a competition. With that in mind, we’d LOVE it if you could come up some really awesome challenges for the app. We have over 1200 users now and the app is really starting to take off. It is especially a time for rejuvenation – to recover from the stress of the year, all your hard work, and reboot yourself for what comes next. What are you doing to that is healthy in your relationships? Also, if you are feeling really adventurous and want to write up a piece of self-care and post it on our stories page, please do so!

The end goal of this three-parter is to start a convo about how pop culture influences our notions of what a healthy relationship looks like, and how we might use pop culture to spread awareness of teen dating violence. The stuff we watch and listen to has a big influence on how we think, feel, and act.

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